hello person, who's reading this. my name is not important. neither is where i live, or how old i am. but what's important is having and opinion, and standing by it. i'll blog, what I LIKE on this blog, and reblog/blog what's my opinion. ok that was a stupid description. I DON'T CARE. Have a good day ;)

yester day?. i guess?

yeaaaah so idk if anyone will ever read this, but I don’t give a /)(#()”#&”)#(`.

ok, so yesterday i  took a day off school because i had a cold. I woke up about 12 pm, took a long shower, and watched some tv. My dad came home,  and the interresting things starts here. Back in 08 my parents got divorced, and my dad got a heartattack. i’ve never really discussed the things that happened in that period with anyone, and i never really understood the things that happened. I feel kinda stupid, cuz i was so blind. I couldn’t see what was going on AT ALL!!. My dad told me about a time in december where my mum was gone, almost all the time. About my mum not wanting to be around, when he was there, about fights and other stuff. I  don’t understand the decisions my mum took, the way she acted and what was wrong. and I really don’t understand why they didn’t spoke with me, or my brother about it. i kinda feel ashamed cuz i acted like i didn’t cared about anything. I just didn’t understood why such things would happen. I really don’t know what to do with myself right now. I know i’m just another teenager whinning on the internet, but i don’t know how to get my emotions out in a better way.

2 years ago
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